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Wye River Challenge

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Saturday 27th- Monday 29th May 2017

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017 11400988_10152780467396846_5320170613598770278_n 11351216_10152780474966846_1986044791467500833_n

The course

This uniquely beautiful course is set across 70 miles of the Wye River Valley. Spread across three consecutive days, the race is designed to test both mental and physical stamina. Each day your team will complete a set amount of miles of the course, which will be timed by race officials. The nature of the weekend event means there is plenty of time for celebration and party in the beer tent after each race day when the times from each day announced.

Day Two

30 miles


START - Hereford


Bunch of Carrots

Holme Lacy Bridge

Hole in the Wall


Carey Island

Hoarwithy Bridge  

FINISH - Backney


Day Three

20 Miles


START - Backney Common

Ross Rowing Club


Wilton Bridge

Kerne Bridge


FINISH - Huntsham Bridge






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Day One

20 Miles


START - Turners Boat

Bredwardine Bridge

Monnington Falls

Bridge Sollars

Weir Gardens  

Hereford Rowing Club

Hereford New Bridge

Hereford Old Bridge

FINISH - Hereford

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Wye River Challenge

Saturday 27th- Monday 29th May 2017

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017