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Wye River Challenge

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Saturday 27th- Monday 29th May 2017

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017 IMG_1377 IMG_3474


River Rafting is a single paddle water sport for teams of 4 to 10 paddlers. There are two categories of entry in the Wye River Challenge, the Super Rafts, which are more streamlined and primarily designed for competitive racing, and the Fun Rafts, which basically need to stay afloat. Whichever category you enter you are sure to have a fun filled weekend paddling over three consecutive days. If you want some help setting up a team, get in touch with a team near you.

Find your Nearest Team

Super Rafts

When it comes to Super Rafts, there are general guidelines as well as rules and regulations for their design. These ensure that the raft will float as well as being as competitive as possible on the water. Just like with Formula 1 racing cars (but without the glamour), Super Raft Teams will work within the rules to come up with subtle changes to give their raft an advantage. However, step outside the rules and you run the risk of disqualification. Download the entry pack for full details and regulations.

Fun Rafts

With these, there will be rules for each race, but as to the raft design, generally anything goes. Some simple things to remember. Download our entry pack for more information on building a fun raft.


•  It must float

•  It needs to be robust enough to survive the race

•  It must be capable of being transported to and from the race

•  Come up with a fun theme! Think Pirates, Hawaiian, Santa's Sled.


What is rafting?

Wye River Challenge

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An Experience of a Lifetime. We always have a cracking weekend. can't wait for next year.

Nick Wood, Madsat Team

Saturday 27th- Monday 29th May 2017

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017