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Wye River Challenge

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Saturday 27th- Monday 29th May 2017

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017 IMG_1680

Wye River Challenge

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Build a Team

The Wye River Challenge is all about Team Effort. Groups come from all over the U.K to compete in this race with all levels of skill. The race started over thirty  seven years ago as a bet between two pubs, and since then we have had teams from all walks of life. On the course you’ll find Corporate Teams, Group of Friends, Stag Weekends & Hen Weekends, Pub Teams, Youth Teams, Canoe Enthusiasts, Families, Charities and many more. They are all there for the same reason; to get wet and to have fun!


To help rally your team, check out some of our Team Building Tools.  

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invite a friend

Some times your friends just need a nudge in the right direction to get motivated. Start building your team now by sending them a quick message about the challenge.


Need Support

Whether you need support in hiring a raft, building your own raft, or support in training, C.H.A.R can help you directly or set you up with a team near you. The Rafting Community is nationwide and there are lots of people on hand to get you started.


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Get Support

"The best part of the weekend was dancing out those muscles in the Beer Tent after a days racing."

Saturday 28th- Monday 30th May 2016

70 MILE RAFT RACE Pack 2017